One morning, while walking to the Metro Station on Wilshire and Western in Los Angeles, I noticed a woman experiencing homelessness walking in front of me. Now, Los Angeles is filled to the brim with unhoused people, however this particular woman stood out because – the back of her pants was soiled with dirt and blood.

I knew what that image was about, and I also realized that she did not have the wherewithal to take proper care of herself. This was the final straw for me! I know that not all people living on the streets have mental challenges, but I also know that no one deserves to walk around in filth just because they are living on the streets. I had to do something! You cannot live in Los Angeles and not notice the problem.

For years I have been looking for an answer as to how I could make an impactful contribution. One that goes beyond just giving a dollar. Being the hygiene freak that I am – that’s someone who’s obsessed with the practice of cleanliness – the answer became clear and the nonprofit organization Hygiene Freaks was born on March 4, 2020.

We at Hygiene Freaks feel that “when you feel better, you do better”. We mobilize liked-minded hygiene freaks to personally assemble hygiene kits. These hygiene kits are filled with personal care products donated by people with great big hearts. Then, we distribute these lovingly packed kits to individuals experiencing homelessness and to organizations who also serve our unhoused neighbors and low-income families.

It’s a small gesture with a mighty impact and we are honored to do it.


Hygiene Freaks mission is to embrace those in need and help restore dignity to our unhoused neighbors and underserved communities by providing basic personal hygiene products.


Phoebe Holston


Jeffrey Washington

Stephanie Gibson

Stephanie Gibson

Hygiene Freaks is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.